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At A Step Beyond Leadership we utilize Clydesdales for our individual or group leadership sessions to teach and encourage principles of desired leadership.  Our horses are also used for team building activities to help folks grow even more as a team than they thought they were capable of. 
As an alternative option to the horses we do offer presentations as well as activities without the horses for folks where horses aren’t their thing.  However, we do like to integrate as many sensory items into trainings to help the principles of what we are pushing to keep folks observant and disciplined in life.  Our sessions can be beneficial for school age children (10+up)  through experienced executives looking for new ways to get folks engaged and feel appreciated.  Our mission is to spread more joy with these horses and help folks observe all of life’s blessings.

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Leading with Purpose

We are here to lighten the load off of your shoulders. We are honest professionals whose first priority is always the interests of the clients clients by  providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. Our experiences have granted us the blessings to meet and work with many different people in many different cultures.  Organizations in China, Spain, Israel, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Russia, UK, Belgium, & the US have all benefited from our leadership decisions through prior and current interactions. We are able to help coach people through strategic challenges and help build upon or startup great leaders through behavioral based program knowledge. Our leadership background encompasses those that have been professionally trained with various types of leadership models.  These include through major corporations, universities, military leadership schools, ADI, and mentorship programs.  Our principal is also a volunteer firefighter and training officer so this passion of his carries over beyond the normal workday life.  Leadership training encompasses how he moves forward in everything to also lead his family and community.

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