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Equine ground experience provides the tools necessary to maintain a calm, full focus presence. It provides the skills to safely and successfully establish a positive rapport with a very large intuitive animal. Horses are prey animals: They are keenly aware of nonverbal cues. Their prey instincts sense and respond to what we are thinking and what our intentions are. Horses mirror our authentic feelings -- reflecting and responding accordingly -- to maintain their sense of safety. Horses teach us how to willfully choose to control what we image -- what we think, feel and express. By becoming aware of our feelings, 

we compartmentalize, we neutralize these emotions and immerse ourselves in-the-moment to perform successfully with these large animals: Mindfulness. 

We gain solace through full presence and the pureness of full focus.

     Equine ground work provides hands on experience that allows us to fluidly know how to present ourselves in heightened situations. 

The hugeness of horses parallels the hugeness of trauma:  Horses teach us the subtle nuances necessary in providing a sense of safety to other individuals.  

"...horses are intensely emotional, intuitive, intelligent beings... horses detect and reflect subtle behavioral nuances..."

(Linda Kohanov, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist).

     Horses teach us how to achieve engagement through our full presence and full focus, earning their trust and earning their compliancy.

Horses enhance the impact, provide the clarity, of the enormity of the nonverbal information we exude.  Equine ground experience helps us to learn to be predictably conscientious, keenly aware of how we present ourselves.  It provides key elements or principles helpful to enhancing interactive skills.

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